Information technology has made its way into almost every business sector and now plays an important role. There is no escaping the fact that any company’s success today depends on the efficiency of its IT system.

If your computer equipment is managed in-house, you have to ensure that it is reliable, secure and efficient. Some good practices are in order to achieve this. Here are three tips from the SEI Team that will help you manage your IT infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

IT service management software

The first step to increasing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure is good IT service management software. Otherwise known as an ITSM solution, this software consolidates all the activities related to a company’s IT services.

There are many benefits to using an ITSM solution to manage your IT infrastructure. Using IT service management software can improve the efficiency of your processes and increase the productivity of your IT staff in a variety of ways.

Integrating an ITSM solution into your IT infrastructure also lets you group each element of your infrastructure into a centralized inventory. You can then keep a record of your equipment and all the related information, whether it is access, purchase dates or end of warranty, licenses or the specific features of your equipment.

Efficient IT infrastructure management: account for the life cycle of the equipment

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, you need to manage the life cycle of your computer hardware and software. On average, laptops last only three years, while desktop computers and servers last five years on average.

Is your infrastructure outdated? Chances are the equipment isn’t operating at its best. Replace obsolete components in your IT infrastructure to avoid repeated breakdowns and poor performance.

Automate updates to properly manage IT infrastructure

Software has to be kept up to date to be effective, reliable and secure. However, this task is routinely overlooked in business. All of a sudden, the computer system slows down, breakdowns pile up and no one really understands why. In addition to these noticeable problems, poor update management can make your business much more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If you have trouble keeping your IT infrastructure up to date, we recommend integrating an ITSM solution, which can help you manage and monitor your software updates.

Integrate the iTop solution to manage your IT infrastructure efficiently!

The first step to a well-managed IT infrastructure is using good IT service management software. Among all the solutions available on the market, we are proud to have expertise in configuring, customizing and supporting the use of the iTop solution, a fully customizable IT management software that seamlessly adapts to the nature of your business.

We are committed to providing you with high quality consulting services and unparalleled expertise throughout your experience with the platform. Contact us now to learn how iTop can help you manage your company’s IT infrastructure and begin increasing the efficiency and reliability of your IT services!