IT service management is very prevalent in organizations. Many organizations have created their own service delivery models and do not see the value of switching to an ITSM solution.

After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

This is precisely the question that we will answer. We will outline various benefits that most companies encounter when implementing an ITSM solution that follows the ITIL 4 method.

Overview of the ITIL 4 method

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a collection of books that identifies good IT management practices. This periodically renewed methodological guide includes several recommendations for optimizing information systems, reducing the risk of IT breakdowns or problems, increasing the quality of IT services, enhancing security and more.

Most existing ITSM software operate according to ITIL recommendations. This applies to the iTop ITSM solution, for which we provide integration and support.

ITIL 4 is the latest version of the ITIL method. It provides a digital operating model that helps organizations co-create effective value from their IT products and services.

ITIL 4 builds on decades of ITIL advancements to evolve ITSM practices for the broader context of customer experience, value flows and digital transformation.

ITIL 4 helps your business co-create business value

While ITIL 3 mostly focuses on IT services and their creation, development, implementation and improvement, ITIL 4 focuses on the co-creation of values in your business as a whole.

Value is co-created by everyone involved in providing an IT service or product to your end customers.

ITIL 4 and ITSM provide you with a framework for creating comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your digital initiatives beyond what you can achieve with an old ITSM software.

ITIL 4 integrates even more ideas and concepts useful to organizations

Rather than being seen as a single ITSM framework that lacks external contributions, ITIL 4 takes a more flexible approach. It integrates ideas and concepts from DevOps, Agile and Lean that could enlighten your IT development and operations strategies.

As some of these ideologies become the standard for ITSM software development, ITIL 4 becomes a flexible framework to accommodate and enhance various IT practices while providing user support for your ITSM solution.

ITIL 4’s holistic approach is significantly improved

While ITIL 3 focuses on processes, ITIL 4 focuses more on practices. This difference may seem small, but its impact on a business can be considerable.

A practice integrates many resources, including processes that were previously addressed in ITIL 3, guiding principles, your organization’s governance considerations and continuous improvement. ITIL 4 practices help organizations understand that IT service delivery is not the only significant element of IT service management.

ITIL 4 is a holistic framework that takes many aspects into account to bring value to the digital transformation of your business. ITIL 3 lacked the valuable benefit of this holistic perspective.

Benefit from the ITIL 4 method

Those were only three of the main benefits of using the ITIL 4 method for your ITSM solution.

Your business could benefit in several other ways by using effective ITSM tools.

At SEI Team, our Combodo iTop Professional software specialists can provide you with a flexible, high-performance and user-friendly ITSM software that will perfectly meet your needs. Contact us to find out how a new ITSM solution can contribute to your company’s success.