Are you looking to optimize your IT management by investing in ITSM software? Making the right choice for your business can be difficult if you don’t know what to compare when evaluating your options.

Learn how to make a good comparison between different ITSM (IT Service Management) software!

Find out how user-friendly the software is

Before choosing your next IT Service Management software, you should first inquire about each software’s ease of use. Is it easy to learn how to manage each tool? Will your employees, both IT professionals and others less familiar with the technology, find it easy to use? Make sure the ITSM software you choose is user-friendly and many frustrations will be avoided.

Compare the customization options for the various ITSM software products

Different ITSM tools can widely differ in their scope and ease of customization. If your company has specific needs, you may want to opt for ITSM software that offers a high degree of configurability, such as open source software. This software will allow you to customize the various reports and forms to suit your business activities while respecting ITIL best practices.

However, updating heavily customized software can be complex. Choose a solution designed for this need and make sure your supplier can guide you through the process and evaluate the potential impacts in order to make upgrades as easy as possible.

Determine if the tools can be easily integrated with your company’s technology

Your new ITSM software should integrate easily with the rest of your company’s information system. It should be able to integrate and interface easily with your existing tools such as your directory, inventory and monitoring tools or even your CRM for example. The more integrated a solution is, the more IT workflows will be optimized.

Find out about your future software provider

Your software provider will become your partner and primary resource for IT Service Management issues. You need to be able to count on their services and consulting in case of problems or if you need help properly configuring your ITSM solution.

Visit your potential provider’s website and learn more about their corporate mission. Does the company make the quality of its services a priority? Do its values reflect what you are looking for? These aspects are important to consider when comparing providers and choosing the one that will be most attentive to your needs.

Choose SEI Team for a simple and efficient ITSM solution

In short, when comparing different IT management software, remember to consider the user experience, the customization capabilities of the ITSM tools, the ease of integration with your existing IT stack and the services offered by the vendor.

At SEI, our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your iTop solution is fully functional and meets your company’s needs. Contact us today to get a demo of our ITSM solution.