There are always challenges when an organization implements a new IT service management (ITSM) solution. Among these, resistance to change and configuring the ITSM software are probably the most common.

Here are some tips from our specialists in enterprise ITSM solutions for a smooth iTop ITSM software implementation.

Prepare your employees for ITSM software changes

Less than one-third of business transformation initiatives are successful, in part because organizations provide insufficient support and training to their staff.

Since a change as significant as the implementation of a new ITSM tool will have an impact on everyone in the organization, you must prepare your employees accordingly.

Take the time to present the chosen edition of iTop to your work teams before implementing it. Demonstrate its different features with concrete examples and offer iTop software training programs to ease the transition.

You can also explain why you are switching to this ITSM solution and the benefits it will have on the company. This could make employees feel involved in the process and reduce their resistance to change.

Configure and customize the iTop software according to your company’s needs

Most ITSM solutions, including iTop Professional, must be configured and customized before being implemented. However, iTop is probably one of the easiest ITSM software to implement so don’t be intimidated by the setup process. In fact, this is an opportunity to perfectly adapt your new tool to your needs.

For example, you can automate certain processes, choose the metrics you want to monitor, set up the notification system and adjust the service catalogue.

You can also leave the iTop software configuration to an ITSM consulting service company to ensure that you use it to its full potential.

Make the required adjustments after the implementation of your iTop software

The end users have the biggest influence on the successful implementation of your iTop ITSM software. Take the time to discuss the positive and negative impacts that the software has had on their work so far and ask them for improvement suggestions. You can make changes at any time with iTop Professional, which allows you to implement their solutions to limit dissatisfaction.

Simplify your iTop ITSM software implementation with SEI Team

In conclusion, the implementation of your iTop software should go well if you take the time to prepare your employees for your new ITSM solution and adapt the software to the needs and operations of your company.

SEI Team can help you implement iTop without the hassle. We can configure, customize and even perform upgrades whenever necessary so you can get the most out of your ITSM solution.

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