The ITIL approach is a set of best practices in information technology. This methodological reference framework includes a host of recommendations that are not organization- or technology-specific, but can be applied by an organization to improve its IT processes, the stability of its IT services and its information systems in a precise and standardized jargon.

This same jargon can be difficult to decipher for people who have not been in the IT business for years. For example, the ITIL methodology differentiates between incident management and problem management, even though the two terms may sound like synonyms. However, the two concepts are completely different and our team of experts will help you discern them in this article.

Incident management according to the ITIL method: a reactive approach

The ITIL method defines incident management as a set of reactive actions in the event of a service interruption or a reduction in quality: it therefore involves restoring an interrupted or slowed down service. When an incident is reported to the support center, the manager(s) in charge execute the necessary actions to restore the service as quickly as possible.

Incident management is critical for businesses because an IT outage can cost several thousand dollars a day. We recommend implementing an ITIL-compliant ITSM solution in your IT infrastructure to ensure effective incident management for your business.

Problem management according to the ITIL method: a proactive approach

Problem management, on the other hand, is proactive: it involves taking preventive action to prevent incidents from happening again. A large part of this procedure consists of looking for the causes of incidents and finding long-term solutions. A company that has good problem management is less likely to experience incidents, and can resolve them more quickly and effectively when they do occur.

As with incidents, your company’s problem management can be handled by an ITSM solution. Again, make sure you choose one that is ITIL-compliant, such as the iTop solution, which is simple, intuitive and fully customizable.

Contact SEI Team for ITIL-compliant problem and incident management

Now that you understand the difference between incident management and problem management, you also know that both processes are critical to the smooth operation of your IT services. If your organization still doesn’t have an effective ITSM solution that is ITIL-compliant, don’t wait any longer: you need to be properly prepared for the likelihood of an incident occurring.

Contact us now to add the iTop solution to your infrastructure. This easy-to-use, intuitive and fully customizable software covers most of the essential processes according to the ITIL approach, including incident and problem management. We take care of the integration and provide you with quality support throughout your use of the software, allowing you to invest your time and resources on your core business.