Who hasn’t felt helpless when faced with a computer that suddenly refuses to cooperate or software that no longer responds? Situations like these can make you wish you had an IT technician by your side!

However, an in-person intervention isn’t always necessary to properly assist employees who are struggling with computer problems. In fact, the level of support required depends on the problem and how it impacts the company’s operations. This means an IT specialist only has to travel when necessary and the company saves time and money.

In this article, learn more about the different IT support levels that can be offered to users.

Level 1 support: Single point of contact and first diagnosis

The first level of IT support is often provided by the IT service centre, sometimes called a helpdesk. This support group is responsible for making the first contact with the customer, whether by phone, through a user portal or by any other means. This is the main point of contact for IT service users.

The primary task of this group is to make an initial diagnosis of the user’s problem so that a quick solution can be found. Otherwise, the ticket is moved up to another support level to resolve the issue.

Level 2 support: Resolving ongoing incidents

The second level of IT support often has more diverse and in-depth technical expertise and system access than level 1. Level 2 support generally does not take direct calls from users and has no limit on its response time. There is more time to investigate and process ticket resolution.

The second level of IT support may be part of the helpdesk team, but it could also be part of another IT team that manages IT services. If they are unable to resolve a ticket, they can request the help of a third level of support.

Level 3 support: Managing complex problems

The last level of IT support is most often provided by a development team, an external provider or a specialized team. This level of support typically handles a low but highly complex volume of tickets.

It usually focuses on designing and improving the IT services and products that end-users rely on and therefore only intervenes when its unique expertise is required.

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There are various degrees of IT support and intervention depending on the complexity of the problem encountered and the expertise required. In all cases, if you implement a good procedure that complies with the ITIL process, you will find that IT support and assistance will be much more effective.

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