In its briefest definition, ITSM (IT Service Management) could be described as the management of all the activities involved in designing, creating, supporting and improving IT services in a company.

Although this brief description does not refer to the information and data management of an organization’s IT systems, an ITSM solution can nonetheless improve this aspect of IT.

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An ITSM solution helps organize information about the IT infrastructure

Many organizations store an impressive amount of information about their IT environment. Naturally, the larger and more technology-intensive a company is, the more complex the volume of information will be to manage. Not to mention the fact that these environments tend to change quickly!

An ITSM solution can help organize this information, which is essential to the work of IT professionals.

CMDB: at the heart of an ITSM solution

An important component of many ITSM solutions, a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a modifiable and extensible repository for recording all Configuration Items (CIs) and their relationships.

This means that the CMDB can document all the technical, organizational and human components of a company’s information system in an intelligible manner.

Simplified information integration in the database

An ITSM solution can also act as a tool for data exchange and integration. In fact, it can add, update and even delete external information according to customizable rules. It can even check their consistency to quickly detect potential anomalies.

An ITSM solution provides quick access to the information you need

For corporate IT departments, it is undeniably important to keep all information about their IT infrastructure in a safe place. However, the relevant data must be easily accessible if it is going to be truly useful. This is yet another advantage of ITSM solutions: better access to the information you need.

A more efficient information search

Offering both multi-criteria searches and a global search engine, ITSM solutions such as iTop provide access to a wealth of information about a company’s IT environment. Not to mention that most of these search tools are accessible via a direct web link.

Easy information sharing

As some of the information contained in the databases sometimes needs to be shared with users, ITSM solutions can include a dedicated portal for customers to optimize the exchange of information with them.

For better management of IT-related information within your business

In conclusion, an IT service management solution enables the full potential of an organization’s IT system to be exploited, in particular by improving the management of IT-related information. Choosing an ITSM solution is a decision to consider if you are looking to get the most out of your IT resources and staff.

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