If your business is growing and you frequently get new contracts, you will surely also notice the management of your IT services becoming more complex.

In order to meet their growing IT needs, many companies are adopting an open source software to manage their IT assets.

In this article, discover some of the advantages of choosing this kind of solution for your company!

Low-cost IT service management thanks to an open source license

The first advantage of adopting an open-source software for IT service management is the economic aspect. Open source software collectively helps business owners save significant amounts of money each year.

This may seem surprising at first glance, since such software can perform many functions. However, these programs are developed for universal accessibility. For this reason, they are generally offered free of charge and do not require you to pay for any additional copies you want to download or use.

In addition, the license of a software like iTop Professional authorizes an unlimited number of users for all available functions. In short, IT service management is made accessible to everyone!

IT service management software centralizes your administration

A second advantage of an IT service management solution is the ability to consolidate all of your IT service activities.

ITSM software lets you leverage all of your configuration assets and their interrelationships with your IT service management processes through an integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB). In addition, IT service management software centralizes your technical documentation, which provides all your employees with easy access.

Easy CMDB customization

Another advantage of an open-source IT service management solution is the ability to easily customize your CMDB.

The source code of open source software can be modified at any time by your programmers. They can adapt the software to better meet your company’s needs. Some ITSM solutions also come with a graphical editing tool that can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their experience in computer development.

Quickly identify potential IT problems

ITSM software is also very useful for quickly documenting problems that could affect your corporate IT departments. This helps you better organize and prevent service interruptions and reduce their impact on your users.

ITSM software gives you access to the volume of the different categories of most frequent interventions so that you can better understand the trends and detect anomalies in systems or procedures. You can therefore always keep an eye on your IT equipment and prevent various problems.

A special relationship with the IT service management software publisher

Some specialized companies offer ITSM consulting services to integrate and maintain your ITSM solution. For example, at SEI Team, we work directly with Combodo, an open source ITSM solutions editor. Our experts can therefore collaborate with your team so that your iTop software is fully operational and meets your expectations. We can answer all your questions and all your development needs to ensure that your ITSM solution is best adapted to your company.

SEI Team, your experts in open source IT service management solutions

In conclusion, open source software can greatly help you manage all your IT operations. It can centralize all your information, even if your IT equipment is spread over several locations. It also allows you to easily customize your software to better meet your needs, rapidly identify IT problems and benefit from quality consulting services from your ITSM solution provider.

At SEI Team, our experts can provide support in the configuration of your iTop Professional ITSM software. Contact us to take advantage of the many benefits this solution has to offer!