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Your ITSM solution for high-performance delivery of your IT services

iTop is an integrated and highly customizable web portal, for an easy management of your IT services in a single reference system designed for your organization.

With iTop, leverage all your configuration items and their relationships with your IT service management processes in a flexible CMDB. iTop suits your needs, whether you are an SMB, a large company, a public organization or an IT service provider.

The business edition provides you with support and tools from iTop’s vendor: Combodo. The SEI team is a partner and supplier of iTop in Canada and the United States.

Choosing iTop means opting for an open source solution that offers great freedom of configuration for a low cost and a unique user experience!

What are the main benefits of iTop business edition?

It gives you access to:

  • The graphical configuration tool ITSM Designer with no development required
  • Assistance for updates and support of your solution
  • Our dedicated relationship with the vendor for all your questions

ITSM Designer

Take advantage of a powerful web-based graphic tool that allows you to configure the solution to your needs with agility and without development skills!

You can easily customize iTop yourself, or with the help of the SEI team:

ITSM Designer ensures that your customizations are consistent and allows you to test them by providing you with a sandbox environment.

This allows you to react to feedback from your users quickly and adapt your solution accordingly. All your modifications are centralized, you control your deliveries with confidence from ITSM Designer to ensure successful deployments on your different instances, from development to production.

Want to see the ITSM Designer in action? No problem!

The different iTop subscriptions

We offer subscriptions giving access to iTop business editions for organizations that want to go further with their ITSM solution. Each edition is tailored to your needs and offers advanced features, support and service levels.

iTop "Essential"

The iTop Essential edition is meant for organizations that only need to customize their CMDB and includes the following extensions:

  • Management of working days and hours calendars
  • Additional events to trigger notifications
  • Creation and ticket updates by email
  • Simplified 1-level approval rules

iTop "Professional"

The iTop Professional edition is designed for organizations whose needs require a high level of customization of their solution by taking advantage of all ITSM Designer’s features.

iTop Professional adds the following extensions to the features of iTop Essential:

  • Configurable 2-level approval rules
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Templates for service requests
  • Predefined replies

iTop "Enterprise"

The iTop Enterprise edition is aimed at organizations wishing to benefit from a high level of service and support from the vendor as well as from all the extensions offered by iTop.

iTop Enterprise includes the features of iTop Professional and adds the following extensions:

  • Automation of workflows
  • Reminders creation
  • And more!

iTop is a simple and intuitive ITSM solution, natively compliant with the ITIL v3 best practices!

The iTop solution supports the following key processes:

  • Configuration Management (CMDB)
  • Service Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • SLA Management
  • Service Catalog Management
  • And more!

Discover the main features of iTop

From network connection to business solutions, iTop’s CMDB is a ready-to-use solution that allows you to manage all your configuration items (CIs) and their relationships with your business processes in a single reference system. iTop helps you leverage this information and make the right decisions by automatically analyzing the impacts of incidents or changes on your IT services.
As a central entry point for your users, the iTop web portal is also your main communication and information tool. Featuring an adaptive design, it allows your users to easily submit any request and track its progress through customized web forms.
The service catalogue is the foundation around which your IT service delivery and support processes are built. iTop helps you track and deliver on your customer commitments using simple and measurable metrics, taking into account your organization’s business days and hours.
The integrated notification system keeps your users and teams informed at all times of every event that occurs in your IT processes and services. The triggers, recipients and content of notifications can be finely tuned to meet your needs.

iTop provides configurable dashboards to help you monitor the activities and performance of your IT services. You can also export data in different formats (xls, pdf, csv) and configure audit rules to assess the compliance of your reference system in real time.

iTop provides a synchronization engine that integrates data from your external systems based on configurable reconciliation rules. Your data integrity is guaranteed whether you import from with an ETL, the iTop REST/JSON API or from CSV files.

Comparison of iTop

iTop features Essential Professional Enterprise
ITIL Processes
Powerful CMDB and impact analysis
Dynamic dashboards
Working schedule management
Ticket management by email
User requests approval Manual Dynamic Dynamic
Data synchronisation engine
Predefined replies
Ticket dispatch automation
User satisfaction surveys
Ticket templates
Combodo private extensions Free
ITSM Designer Essential Professional Enterprise
CMDB customization
User interface edition
Translation edition
Complete model customization
User profiles management
Life cycles management
Production instances 4 7 7

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Packages adapted to the service level you need

Each service level includes a different response time and a support token bank. Make use of your support tokens for all your needs covered by our services.

You can modify your service level as your needs evolve!

Service LevelBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum

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At the end of your subscription, your iTop remains fully operational. You will simply no longer benefit from professional support nor the ITSM Designer.

Of course, both editions are fully compatible, it is always possible to switch to a professional subscription at any time.

Rest assured, there are no additional fees per user. The annual subscription covers all costs. If you need to go further in your project, you should know that we offer value-added services and extensions.

No, there is no charge if you choose to install iTop by yourself. If in doubt, contact us and we will be happy to help you.