It can be tempting for IT managers to keep existing ITSM solutions to save money, updating them whenever possible to add functionality. Although keeping older tools may seem like a smart and reasonable trade-off, it can quickly become a form of self-sabotage.

Without a modern ITSM solution, your IT department will struggle to meet user needs, adapt to technological changes and use its budget efficiently.

If you have been working with the same ITSM tools for many years, it might be time to replace your old tools with new ones.

ITSM updates are not always the best solution

You might think that updates are the perfect solution for ITSM tools that are starting to get old, but not so fast!

Hiring ITSM solutions experts to add features and functionality to your current tools can be an expensive stopgap. You are also accumulating technical debt by constantly modifying your old solution. In other words, you may not be able to implement a new version next time it is offered by your software provider, as this would put your customization efforts to waste.

Spending too much on updates will end up surpassing the cost of a new, modern ITSM solution, such as iTop Professional.

Old ITSM solutions no longer meet the needs of modern users

Just ten years ago, smartphones were not as common. Nowadays, meeting a worker who does not have a cell phone is rare. User-friendly features, such as self-service websites with adapted designs or a mobile app for questions and concerns, were just beginning to be developed but have now become essential.

Older ITSM solutions, which can predate modern apps and technologies, simply cannot meet all user needs. Ideally, your ITSM tools should be flexible and adaptable to serve users, even if technologies change unpredictably. An existing and outdated solution makes it easy to fall behind every year and not keep up with technological advances.

A modern IT service management solution helps your IT department provide users with the support needed to thrive and compete with the IT services offered by competitors.

Thinking of replacing your old ITSM tools? SEI Team is here for you!

In conclusion, compromising has its limits. If you are constantly looking for new solutions to keep using your old ITSM tools, you might not be saving as much as you think. You are probably even losing efficiency and accumulating a significant technical backlog that hinders the work of your IT specialists.

If you want to change your ITSM tools, SEI team has the right solution for you. As software deployment specialists for Combodo‘s iTop Professional software,  we can provide you with a modern open source tool offering great configuration freedom and a unique user experience.

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