The IT world remains nebulous for many people. Everybody knows the basics, but when it comes to differentiating the various components of an IT infrastructure, things get a little more complicated. As a result, IT service management often causes confusion and even frustration among business managers.

At SEI Team, our goal is to help you streamline your company’s IT service management as much as possible. To achieve this goal, we present two tools that are indispensable to any self-respecting organization: ITSM and helpdesk software.

What is ITSM software?

ITSM software is an all-in-one IT service management tool. It consolidates all of your company’s essential IT processes into a single software package, which then becomes the main component of your IT infrastructure.

Most IT service management software allows you to centrally manage service levels, service catalog, configurations, requests, problems and changes related to your IT operations.

At SEI Team, we offer integration and support of the iTop solution, an integrated and customizable ITSM software that simplifies your company’s IT service management. The strength of the iTop solution lies in its adaptability: no matter the size and sector of your company, it will perfectly adapt to your needs.

What is a helpdesk tool?

A helpdesk tool, also known as technical support management software, is the interface that connects the customer who needs help to the internal person in charge of assisting them with their request. The role of helpdesk software is to help you provide the best possible customer service by facilitating contact between the customer and the person in charge of assistance. It can be a plug-in that integrates with your ITSM software or it can be integrated into your ITSM software by default.

Technical support management software also lets you create a bank of pre-written answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions. With the self-service knowledge bank, your customers can get answers to their simple questions without contacting you directly and you avoid having to answer the same question repeatedly. The helpdesk tool therefore saves you a great deal of time, which you can invest in the development of your core services.

iTop, the ITSM software that we offer for integration, includes many of the functionalities found with a helpdesk tool: user portal, query catalog, user satisfaction metrics and much more are included by default with iTop. Moreover, even though the software is a complete ITSM solution, you can use it exclusively for its helpdesk functionalities. Eventually, you can discover all that iTop can offer you and improve your company’s IT services.

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