With the growing complexity of today’s IT systems, good management of an organization’s IT services is undeniably dependent on the implementation of an ITSM solution. While there are many ITSM solutions on the market, they are not necessarily suitable for all companies.

Fortunately, the open source iTop ITSM and CMDB solution easily adapts to the needs of any company, whatever their industry. Learn more about this ITSM software in this article.

What is open source software?

Open source is the name given to any software in which the source code can be edited. This means that the software comes with a license that allows programmers to tweak it to better suit their needs. It also allows them to fix bugs or even improve the software’s functions as soon as the need arises.

iTop: a turnkey open source ITSM and CMDB solution

The iTop solution is a platform designed by the French company Combodo, which simplifies IT service management for small and large companies, in addition to featuring a CMDB. This turnkey ITSM solution provides several benefits to companies that have a subscription.

iTop software provides complete freedom to customize your CMDB

iTop is an open source software. As explained earlier, this allows your programmers to edit the different software components, such as objects, life cycles or behaviors. Organizations using this software are free to customize their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as they see fit.

For organizations that need extensive customization for their ITSM solution, an edition of iTop called “iTop Professional” is available. This includes the ITSM Designer service, a graphical editing tool that can be used to customize the iTop solution to all your needs, even if you don’t have development skills. If you need additional support, a team of ITSM solution experts can help you customize your software.

An ITIL-compliant ITSM tool that supports your IT service management needs

The open source iTop ITSM and CMDB solution operates with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) method. This means you can better manage several IT processes in your business, such as incident management, problem management or change management, to name a few. Based on your company’s industry, your IT professionals will be able to select the different processes that best suit your company’s needs and integrate them into iTop.

SEI Team: integration and support experts for your iTop ITSM solution

In conclusion, the number one reason to choose the open source iTop ITSM and CMDB solution for your company is the incredible freedom it offers for CMDB customization. If you absolutely need to customize your IT services, some editions of iTop come with the ITSM Designer tool, which can easily adapt the solution to your needs.

Moreover, iTop is ITIL-compliant, making IT service management easier for IT professionals and other company employees.

At SEI, our team of experts specializes in the integration and configuration of iTop ITSM software. Contact us to take advantage of our professional ITSM consulting services and iTop software that suits your needs!